We help our clients in the entire process of growth and value creation.

We are focused on value creation in the medium and long term, but our interventions are characterized by being able to solve problems and bring about immediate changes.

In the space sector, we can leverage experience both upstream and downstream.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge of the space sector and our network of professional relationships.

our services

development plan

business model creation and validation

new product development process

business development

business planning

capital raising

We help our clients to design and carry out ad hoc projects in relation to specific objectives they need to achieve

For instance, we can give support in the journey from first business idea to new company/new business unit that is up and makes revenue. We can deal with the evaluation of the business idea, how to develop the product concept, the creation and validation of the value proposition and business model, the formulation of the strategic development plan and the business plan.

We can also help Sme and Corporate in designing and carrying out development projects based on the use of startup’s logic. Or, again, we can facilitate cooperation of Sme and Corporate with an existing external Startup.


The blending of terrestrial technologies with space applications, frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence and data revolution are profoundly changing the Space Economy, shaping the New Space Economy and creating great business opportunities.

We provide Startup and Sme due diligence and valuation.


We provide conception and execution of specific research and/or projects on request, aimed at deepening the world of Sme and Startup’s space ecosystem, the Space Economy and the New Space Economy in their various facets.

Our approach

  • Listening and understanding of customer needs
  • Ability to use our skills in a flexible and creative way. We design unique projects that take into account the specific client needs, without applying predefined schemes and methodologies
  • Technical culture
  • Entrepreneurial and managerial culture
  • Space Economy Knowledge
  • Direct experience of strategy, growth, innovation in space and high-tech companies placed in complex and rapidly changing contexts
  • Experience of different types of companies: Startup, Sme, Corporate
  • University teaching and tutoring experience
  • Solutions and specific projects that result from a 360° vision of the company and the external environment
  • Capacity to spot and foresight changes
  • Development problem faced with technical and operational knowledge
  • Use of knowledge and know-how to develop strategic plans and design actions that are actually feasible, able to solve problems and bring about immediate changes
  • Creative and practical approach