a history of challenges

Maxq was founded in 2018 by Roberto Grosso   aerospace engineer, manager and entrepreneur.

With 25+ years of managerial, entrepreneurial and consulting activity in companies in different sectors, we gained a peculiar experience of complex and rapidly changing high-tech contexts.

Maxq’s DNA is built on growth, innovation, change, and the ability to anticipate and react effectively to competitive challenges.


Space is a land of adventures and pioneers. In recent years, disruptive forces have radically changed the industry, modified the Space Economy and shaped the New Space Economy. In this context, previously unknown entrepreneurial and commercial dimensions have emerged and they equally challenged old and new players.

Thanks to frontier technologies and the data revolution, there are now unparalleled opportunities in exploration and space business, both upstream and downstream.

To take advantage of these opportunities, it is necessary to be business pioneers too. You need to be at the forefront of entrepreneurship and commerce as well as a technical and technological master. You need to be able to innovate and know how to innovate.

This is our specialty. We know how to move confidently in unexplored territories and we help our customers to find and develop their strategic and commercial voice, create new business models, grow, anticipate and successfully face competitive challenges.












The ‘90s and 2000s

In the 90’s and 2000’s in the automotive and industrial design sector we faced the challenges of the time, including the globalization and change in the international competitive environment, the reduction of product life cycle and time to market, lean production, the increasing importance of voice of the customer.

We worked in the company to define strategies: portfolio and business strategies, expansion strategies and new customer acquisition. We have worked on business development in international contexts. We have developed new products, automobiles (from market analysis to concept design, product engineering, prototype construction and experimentation, process engineering and production start-up) and industrial design (household appliances, furniture).

We have worked to enable the company to deal with external changes and put new strategies into practice, we managed innovation projects, changed the organization and the business culture mentality of people, managed collaborative projects between different companies with different cultures. We have done all this in Italian SMEs and we collaborated to do it  in Italian, European, Indian and South American SMEs and Large Companies.

We moved forward with strategic and managerial consulting activities in various fields, teaching support in the field of development of new products and services and finally we started the ideation and creation of startups.

Recent history

Since 2014 we have focused on the space and high-tech sector, in the areas of strategy, growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We have helped our clients to design and validate new business models, define strategies (portfolio and business), develop new products, develop the business.


“We’ve never discovered a hidden treasure, we’ve never explored unknown territory, we’ve never left on a spaceship to go where no one has gone before … but we feel like brothers to those who do.”

Space is exploration, knowledge, dream, adventure. We believe that one day man will travel among the stars and meet other civilizations.

From space comes data that can help improve life on earth, move towards sustainable development and help our planet to survive.

We like to think we have a small part in all this.