Maxq is a strategic and managerial consultancy boutique that offers professional services to companies in the space and tech ecosystem that are facing moments of growth, innovation, change

 Maxq helps his clients to reach their growth goals faster, more effectively and by optimizing the investments


 Maxq has worked together with large companies, smes and startups and helps his clients to conceive and carry out ad hoc projects in relation to specific objectives to be achieved


Who we are

Maxq is a boutique of strategic and managerial consulting services. We are specialized in offering professional services to companies in the space and tech sector that are facing moments of growth, innovation and change.

With 25+ years of managerial, entrepreneurial and consulting activities in companies belonging to different sectors including automotive, industrial design and space, we have acquired a peculiar experience in complex and rapidly changing high tech contexts.

We worked on defining portfolio and business strategies as well as expanding into new markets. We have developed new products. We have worked to enable companies to react to external changes and implement new strategies.


To help our clients to successfully face the process of growth and value creation and to provide high quality professional services to Investors and Institutions.

To design and create new companies in the space and tech sectors.


We believe that in the space and tech business it is key to combine a great experience with a young and fresh vision to be able to build creative and innovative solutions on solid ground. For this reason, we are creating a team composed of senior managers and advisors as well as young managers and entrepreneurs.


Maxq combines space and tech sector’s knowledge with technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. This allows us to include companies, investors and institutions among our clients and to provide them with services tailored to their specific needs.